Service Space–Changing the World Because You Can


Oooh what a good idea. I love this site that was just pointed out to me: ServiceSpace. It is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to generosity-driven projects that change lives around the world. Four volunteers got together a dozen years ago to join their superpowers for good, and the kernel of their passion has grown into a pretty formidable network of inspiration and action. They have several projects categorized as inspirational, gift-economy, and volunteer/non-profit support. Projects like “Karma Tube” a collection of short do-something videos to light a fire under the asses of the rest of us and make our commitments flare; projects like “Help Others” which is a gathering of inspirational ways to anonymously do good for others with anonymous acts of kindness; projects like “ProPoor” a web destination for the South Asian development community where NGOs and volunteer organizations committed to the same goals can join and share action and insights so everybody isn’t off in their own isolated world re-inventing the same wheel.

There is so much to discover on their web pages, and so much to throw your hat into the ring for, and get yourself involved. I’ve only started to scratch the surface myself…I’ve only started to scratch the service as well. Go surf around a bit–you won’t regret it.

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