Red Hot Do-Gooders

While I’m working on banishing fast food from my diet, I have to admit a fondness, well, actually a weakness, for Chipotle. Especially when I was working in New York and Mexican food was impossible to find, it was a mainstream substitute that satisfied my cravings on some level. I had a co-worker who swore the tortilla alone was enough calories for a day’s meals (it’s actually only 290 calories…but that’s BEFORE there is anything on or in it), yet I couldn’t wrap my head around the whole burrito bowl thing–if I was going, I was going whole hog (as in Carnitas).

Chipotle does do a few things very very right. The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation has contributed over two million dollars to fund initiatives that support sustainable agriculture, family farming, and culinary education. Some of the organizations they get behind include: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Veggie U (changing children’s food habits one classroom at a time), Family Farmed, Farm Aid, and The Land Institute.

So while I now live in Southern California with quality Mexican food widely available…if I hear the un-ignorable call of a Burrito Barbacoa, I don’t have to feel insanely guilty…except for the having to run a zillion miles to burn off the calories. It beats so many of the alternatives.

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