Hey fellas, did you shave yesterday? How about this morning? Even your upper lip? If so, other guys have a head start, so you’ll have some catching up to do for the month.

This month, like the eleventh month of the past several years, has been re-named Movember. It is the Month of the Moustache, that hirsute time when men the world over adorn their frenulums (or is it frenula?) with fur to bring cheeky attention to cancers that affect men and other male health issues. It is the testosterone answer to pink ribbons, never in opposition to, but in addition to…

The Mo Bros get conversations going and raise funds by getting sponsors for their folicle folly. This year, funds raised by mustachioed males go to support:

Prostate Cancer Foundation
LIVESTRONG, The Lance Armstrong Foundation
Awareness & Education
Global Action Plan

So be sure, as the cold November winds begin to howl, that you keep your lip warm, and proudly display your support for Movember. Last year, over 1.1 million men worldwide took the Movember challenge–that’s a lot of attention paid to men’s health, and a lot of donations.

Go, grow, and talk about men’s health.

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