13 Years Passed So Quickly…Matthew Shepard

Matthew Shepard died thirteen years ago today. That wasn’t the date, of course, that he was left for dead by his murderers…that was October 7. It took Matthew a long time to die after being savagely brutally beaten for being gay. These thirteen years since pale in comparison to those hours tied to a split-rail fence outside Laramie, Wyoming. It must never be forgotten, as Matthew has become such a symbol for the hatred, oppression, and brutality waged against gay people. His mother, Judy Shepard, is such a graceful and eloquent accidental activist. This video, from the Matthew Shepard Foundation, is longer than some, about 10 minutes, but please watch.

Do not seek to do harm.

Someday, the work of this organization will no longer be necessary. Woefully, that day is not today. Thirteen years is a long time, but not yet long enough.

Erase Hate.

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  1. Posted by Anonymous on October 16, 2011 at 5:24 PM

    How terribly sad. I just read a poll today that said most people 65 and older are opposed to gay marriage and gay rights–BUT–more people under 65–are NOT–let’s hope that is the way of the future-and we can escape being so terribly small minded.


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