Go Ahead…Ask…Tell…

When the sun rose this morning it dawned on a new day for America’s military, as the Draconian Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law that forced military personnel to compromise their honor and integrity by lying, was sent packing. Now, gay and lesbian members of the military, who have always fought to serve, honor, and protect this country, needn’t deny elements of who they are. Shocking, really, that this law was ever enacted, forcing  people who abide by such codes of forthrightness and honesty to actually be dishonest in order to serve. Truly backward.

The military has known for a long time that it was ridiculous practice, and it took far too long to abolish it. The misguided law thwarted promising careers, ultimately compromising the security of our nation. Finally, all who are dedicated to serving can move forward confidently, empowered to do their jobs without having to look over their shoulders at all times. It is throwing off shackles of insecurity and trumped up fear, and without being held down by this misguided practice, all can be united in one goal.

It’s a big day. Similar to the racial de-segregation of troops that happened decades ago, this strengthens the military at a time that the services can no longer afford to be weakened from within.

Semper Fi

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