Strap Yourself In, Change is Coming: Clinton Global Initiative

This is the week of the annual Clinton Global Initiative meetings in New York. This series of plenaries and breakout sessions is attended by the most forward-thinking innovators from countries around the world. Leaders of business, politics, charities, and nations gather in a mind expanding brainstorming session to address the biggest issues of our world. It is not just an intellectual exercise—action is taken. Money is pledged by the millions of dollars, new foundations are born, solutions are teased out of the wildest imaginative places, and problems are truly solved. It is the most vibrant, alive, inspiring several days you can imagine…to a power of ten. I attended as press a couple of years ago and was launched out of those hotel meeting rooms like a rocket. Every attendee gets fired up in ways and to a magnitude you cannot imagine. Seeing the meetings and speeches simulcast will not include the truly tangible excitement of being there and wrestling with huge issues, but you can get a flavor here. This year there is a particular focus on joblessness and underemployment around the world, but that is folded in with global hunger, warfare, gender discrimination, education, health, safety, war & peace, access, communication, aging, slavery, and more. There is no politicking thought he presidents and prime ministers of many nations will attend. There is no liberal conservative republican democrat crap gumming up the works…it is leaders and energizers from all sides of any issue or dispute, coming together to solve global issues. Nobody is more dedicated to opposition than they are to humanity–wouldn’t that be a refreshing change of pace if our American politicians could function that way, on our behalf?

Drop in on the website, grab a nugget of fire for your belly, and take it out to spark your best ideas into life. Be a part of cracking issues wide open.

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