Traveler’s Philanthropy Conference–Listen In Now

In July, in Costa Rica, leaders of the field of philanthropic travel and service travel got together for a high-powered series of conferences and plenary sessions to “Change the Way the World Travels.” An array of subjects was covered over the days of the meetings (brought together by the Center for Responsible Travel) such as “From Charity to Sustainable Development,” “Ethical Issues: Protecting Children, Wildlife, and Fragile Ecosystems,” and “Material Donations: Pros, Cons, and Best Practices.” Several of the innovators of the current trend of travel that gives back were presenters, wrestling with the hard issues of ethical giving, supporting green initiatives and sustainability, and reaching out without overreaching. All of the sessions and opening addresses were taped, and are available for your listening here. Travelers’ Philanthropy co-presented the event, and is a great resource for you to dig a little deeper into issues that matter to you and the way you experience the world.

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  1. This was a great conference (at which I had the honor or presenting:)! Very inspiring for everyone in the field and galvanizing for establishing best practices in many different domains!

    Dominique Callimanopulos
    President, Elevate Destinations


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