24 Hours of Reality–Now

The Climate Reality Project is a group of scholars, scientists, activists, advocates, business leaders, students, and lots of the rest of us, ready to look at the climate crisis as a problem not to be denied, ignored, disputed, but ADDRESSED, now. Today and tomorrow (Wednesday, September 14 through Thursday, September 15) is 24 Hours of Reality, live webcast presentation from around the world. 24 time zones, 24 presentations, 13 languages, and one message. One live cast presentation per hour. Tune in now, after dinner, when you wake up with insomnia or the dog needs to go out, with your morning coffee, when your meetings are over tomorrow and you need a break, as you eat lunch at your desk, whenever. Find some inspiration, allow yourself to be called to action, get a little scared and a little angry, and get a lot involved. Five million members and supporters will be with you.

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