Project Unleashed—Saving Lives Two at a Time

I get so giddy and excited as I learn more and more about friends and friends-of-friends who are working with and initiating amaaaaaazing projects and volunteer opportunities. One of these, which makes me smile down to my toes, is Project Unleashed, an organization that pairs at-risk youth with rescued dogs from shelters (most are pit bulls since their adoption probability is so miniscule…in Los Angeles shelters, 838 pit bulls are brought into shelters every week, and for 836 of them, that is the last stop–they do not get adopted and are euthanized. Staggering!) . The results are shifted perspectives, empowerment, a new choice of non-violence, self discovery and respect, and greater sense of responsibility toward society. When you take on the commitment to heal and love another being, you discover the capacity for love in yourself. Any of you that have dogs in your family know the wisdom in their souls when you look into their eyes. Inherent wisdom like that is contagious–and we are susceptible. I hope you’ll watch this video and think about supporting Project Unleashed–it truly is making a difference and saving lives, both canine and human.

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  1. Posted by Laura on September 9, 2011 at 5:32 PM

    xo–love this!


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