Milkshake–All That’s Good (and where to find it)

Do you know Milkshake? It is a website dedicated to shining a spotlight on “all that’s good” with categories categories to peruse like shopping, grub, movers & shakers, explore, eco, and causes. Sign up and they send a daily email with a juicy new something you ought to be aware of or try.

From the website:
Our mission is to put ‘giving back’ in the context of the larger world we live in: discovering ways to shop, travel, eat, read and interact with greater purpose with the ultimate goal of dazzling you with a find, encouraging you to initiate change and inspiring you to be part of all that’s good.

The focus now is global, and in the early days of next year, they will launch Milkshake KIDS (accepting early sign ups for that list now).

They cover some of the same ground I try to cover here, finding ways to inspire and not only light you up, but maybe light a little fire under you as well, to get you moving toward making the world a better place and making yourself a better part of that global community. Go to the site and spin around. I think you would be hard-pressed not to find something you want to dig into a little more deeply.


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