Re-entry–Been a Long Time Gone/The List Project to Settle Iraqi Allies

The technician has just left our new house in California and finally hooked up Internet/phone/cable/my lifeline that has been missing for many weeks. Our cross country drive with our two big dogs was amazing, the real estate battles less so, but we are in the home, moving van to follow soon while we squat with an air mattress and plastic cups, living out of suitcases. Getting back into the blog saddle will be a huge step toward getting back to (my version of) normal. For any of you still sticking with me out there, occasionally checking in, thank you for your patience. If I lost readers, I hope curiosity might bring them back around at some point. For anybody reading this today, I hope to bring you some interesting infobites about volunteering and being of service, so I hope you’ll revisit from time to time.

In the time that this blog has been involuntarily dark, so much has been happening in the world. Wars and revolutions have flared, some quieted, all with untold prices being paid by the local communities who are caught in political crossfire (sometimes the crossfire is quite literal). The issue of what happens when conflicts end, or transition, and foreign troops move on, is a thorny one. The List Project to Settle Iraqi Allies is trying to wade through the murky territory of public sentiment and national responsibility, to help provide appropriate protection and support of the tens of thousands of Iraqis who have served alongside our troops. US and foreign forces could never have been as effective (regardless of our views on the war itself, once committed and engaged, even if against our judgment and hearts, the safety and expediency of the efforts must be prioritized to keep losses of lives to the minimum) without the tens of thousands of Iraqis that served for the US as translators, envoys, engineers, etc. Terrorists in Iraq have publicly proclaimed that as soon as US forces leave, they will retaliate against anyone who helped (or “collaborated” with) the American forces. The retribution promised is execution and suffering, and already, hundreds have been abducted, tortured, and assassinated. The British government has taken responsibility for their local “team” of allies, but our nation has not yet officially committed to saving the lives of those that saved ours.

Get Involved, educate yourself, educate those around you, and support the effort to help resettle those who gave up their own safety and security on our behalf.

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