Go to Your Whale Place

I am in the process of moving cross-country from Connecticut to California, taking our two big shelter rescue dogs on the road trip of a lifetime–so forgive me as my posts have been few and very far between. I can’t wait to be settled, exhale once again, and blog more regularly.

A friend of mine (thanks Marty) brought this video to my attention via facebook. One of the most profound experiences I have had volunteering was working on whale rescue with stranded pilot whales in the Florida Keys. We saw God that day, as we tread water in a lagoon and held an adult male pilot whale afloat, splashing water over his head to keep his skin from burning in the sun, singing and crying to him, exercising him, rolling him over and over to aid digestion. Looking directly, from about two feet away (if that) into the eye of a whale is as holy as holy gets, for me…

I loved this video–it took me to my “whale place” of tremendously peaceful and grateful memories…

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