Loud Holidays and Pets

I hope you’re planning a great holiday weekend. Remember what is festive and ooooh- and ahhhhh-inspiring in us with enormous and percussive explosions of pyrotechnics is enough to make most dogs and cats become terrified. In higher numbers than almost any other day/night, this holiday sends them running from the safety of home looking to escape the chaos. The Fourth of July poses a tremendous problem for household pets, and runaway numbers skyrocket like fireworks that have our attention held rapt. Be sure to take any precautions you can to make sure your pets feel comforted and safe amid the noise and fire hazards. We celebrate independence on this weekend, but not the independence of our pets from our homes.

Since so many more animals stray on this weekend than most (also at Halloween), when you are not picnicking and partying, maybe you can look at your calendar to find some time to volunteer at an animal rescue shelter near you.

The ASPCA is one of the largest and best known programs in the country, and they have several suggestion for how you can help at your local shelter (and, of course, if it is time to expand your family, adopt a rescued pet!)

The Humane Society can get you set up at one of their facilities in your neck of the woods, and like all organizations devoted to the well being of pets, would love to have the help.

Do Something has a quick-read article about volunteering at a shelter near you, and makes it easy for you to take steps today.

The simplest of Internet searches will yield lots of local results too, so you can jump in with the community-based animal rescue and rehabilitation programs that serve you and your neighbors. Whether you are walking dogs or playing with cats, helping feed, caring for infant animals, assisting veterinarians, staffing an information booth at a local fair or adoption day, or any of the many other ways volunteers can help, just think of the introductions that fill hearts to near bursting, and the reunions you can help facilitate when a family has lost, then found, their beloved pet.

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