You Know How to Whistle, Don’t You? Falling Whistles

Falling Whistles is one of those organizations that takes your breath away with the grace of their mission. Named for the children it serves, this group is all about young children in the Congo who are sent to the front lines of warfare armed only with a whistle to blow as an alert, and expected to absorb the first rounds of bullets. These kids are considered chattel, completely disposable. Kidnapped from their lives, brainwashed and forced into battle, beaten, imprisoned, and discarded like trash. And they are ‘tweens or barely teens. The organizers of Falling Whistles accidentally fell into this issue, bumming around Africa after going on a shoe drop with TOMS Shoes, and had no intention of being grabbed and shaken into consciousness by such cruelty. Go to the site, read, I dare you not to cry. Then embed yourself into a part of the world, and issue, and aspect where you aren’t currently involved. We need you to be energetic and active in moving us all forward. By the way, buy a whistle.

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