Today is Earth Day–and There Are Freebies Too

Today is Earth Day, so, even though it also coincides with Easter, it is a great time to take on projects outside, as well as getting out to enjoy. Plant a tree, garden, change out those lightbulbs, tune up the car for better mileage, commit to supporting endangered species, donate to groups providing safe water, get stuck in, along with your family. You don’t have to do all of them, but this year’s Earth Day theme is “A Billion Acts of Green.”

Of course, a little reward training always helps. In addition to doing the right thing for the world and next generations, you can also cash in on your good work. Starbucks is giving free coffee and tea today when you use your own non-disposable cup or mug. Lowe’s is giving away a million trees tomorrow to kick start your spring planting. Kellogg is giving away free reusable grocery tote bags so the next time you go to buy Fruit Loops you won’t waste a paper or plastic bag. Bring five plastic bags into a Disney Store for a free reusable shopping bag. There are events and celebrations going on at each of the Whole Foods Markets. Bring in an empty moisturizer or skincare bottle, jar, or tube, and Origins will give you a free product today.

I promise you there is plenty going on in your neighborhood too, so as you celebrate some family time and time off work for the holiday weekend, do something extra for all the rest of us as you celebrate Earth Day.

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