Global Youth Service Day(s)–April 15-17

Since you’ve got a few extra days to file your taxes (until the 18th this year)–you’ve still got to have SOMETHING significant about April 15, right? How about Global Youth Service Day? It is actually the first of a long youth service weekend. It’s the largest service event in the world, and millions of young people worldwide will initiate and participate in projects like greening and cleaning their neighborhoods, parks, and roadways, planting community gardens, working at literacy programs, volunteering to end hunger, putting together disaster preparedness kits for the elderly, helping create sport programs and safe spaces for play, painting murals to beautify neighborhoods and schools, educating neighbors about animal care or endangered species, making videos for a better community or about global warming, and generally making the world a better place–all over a weekend. It is a huge undertaking, spearheaded by Youth Service America, and now being taken up in over 100 other countries.

If the young people in your life don’t yet have a plan for how they can take part, it’s not too late. Find out how to get involved here. And for the way you/they will spend this weekend, let me just say THANKS, in advance.

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  1. This often includes gaining work experience before graduating from high school and adopting good study habits to prepare for college as well as learning self-advocacy and independence skills that help lead to success..During the senior year in high school the youth is transfered to a traditional Vocational Rehabilitation counselor to continue services and meeting goals..Youth in the Transition Program can participate in a variety of weekend and summer programs.


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