Michael J. Fox & Polo Ralph Lauren Team Up Against Parkinson’s

Michael J. Fox is such a freaking hero to me. He is just so simple and clear and unstoppable. His work with his Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research is going to lead us to a cure. As he says, so cleanly, in this interview he and his wife, Tracy Pollan, did with David Lauren, “Science is hard,” and goes on to make it understood why progress has been so frustratingly slow…

Another one of my favorite MJFisms, undoubtedly quoted inaccurately here and from an earlier source (I have it pasted onto my computer at home): “Sometimes you wish for a lighter load, and sometimes you wish for broader shoulders.”

This interview is in three parts, each about 7-8 minutes long. That’s a long time to watch a video clip on your computer. I get it. I think you should do it anyway. There is so much to glean here, no matter what challenges you are facing in your life.

And here is a link to the dog tag jewelry they are doing together to raise funds–with words to live by stamped into the pieces: Be Involved. Be Inspired. Be Bold.

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