Icy Prince Harry for Veterans Charity

Prince Harry is trekking along on a segment of a charity hike to the North Pole to raise awareness and funds for a charity for wounded soldiers. It’s a 200-mile trudge through ice and frozen tundra to raise more than $3 million for Walking With the Wounded to help wounded ex-servicemen and women. Tents in sub-zero conditions, cross country skiing, plunging into freezing waters, and all of it being filmed by the frozen paparazzi…it’s all in a day’s work for the Prince, and probably easier than planning his brother’s bachelor party and keeping it on the QT for so long. The wounded walking with him will go all the way to the North Pole, and two amputees on the journey will be the first to ever get there. Some of the funds will also go to Help for Heroes to fund regional recovery centers that help returning wounded veterans assimilate into civilian life.

What grand gesture or sacrifice can you make for a cause you hold dear to your heart?

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