Adventure Center Volunteer Vacations

As temperatures warm (oh please, temperatures, warm already, wouldya?), booking vacation moves up on the priority list. If you’re thinking about a volunteer vacation, there are more options every day. For the past 35 years, the Adventure Center has prided itself on creating affordable active travel experiences around the world. There is a huge range of opportunities from tall ship sailing to African safaris, Antarctica voyages, cycling excursions, and a great bundle of volunteer vacation options.

I’m a bit obsessed with Nepal and Bhutan right now, so I love the two Nepal trekking trips coming up where, in addition to being immersed in and exploring the culture of rural villages as well as big city Kathmandu, you will help improve and expand a school for hearing and speech impaired children. A Brazilian trip includes helping at a day care center…or restoration and teaching at a school in Thailand that had been struck by the 2004 tsunami…or assisting with a wildlife research excursion in the bush of South Africa, helping a science team track elephants, rhinos, lions, and more…sea turtles in Costa Rica…building fuel and energy efficient stoves in the Peruvian Andes…maintenance projects in a Vietnam rehabilitation center for children…vegetable gardens and wildlife conservation education along the Zambezi River…I want to do them all. Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, there is a balance with the volunteer efforts and great fun adventures with hiking and snorkeling and zip-lining and river rafting and cultural excursions and exploratory tours as the group moves through a destination, working not only deep, but wide as well.

Sign me up!

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