Donations to Japan Delayed by Phone Companies

In our best attempts to take decisive and fast action in response to disasters, we are pleasantly surprised and happy to take advantage of easy giving opportunities like the many options to text a certain number to Japan earthquake and tsunami relief, resulting in a mobile donation to the cause. Well–it isn’t working the way we all hoped. After the Haitian earthquake, the phone companies processed such donations instantly, and got the money to the relief organizations in a fast-tracked manner—but for Japan, they are processing donations with the billing cycle of each donor, which means it might be as much as 90 days before your donation is remitted. Can you imagine how much will have changed in 90 days? And how much your support is needed right now? Three month’s delay for what you thought was immediate action? That’s kind of outrageous, and we have seen it is unnecessary bureaucracy taking precedence over true humanitarianism. has a petition for you to sign and demand that Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint release the donations as they are received, so help can get there fast. It is what we all thought we were doing, and the phone companies need to empower us to help, not stand in the way.

Can you hear me now?

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