Electronics TakeBack Coalition and an iPad2

I admit it, I’ve been caught up in the frenzy. I’d been coveting the iPads of family and friends for a while, but told myself since I didn’t get one early, I should simply wait for gen-2. Now, with Friday’s release of the iPad2, I was desperate to join the throngs (but couldn’t get away from work to stand in line for hours…and then every store sold out). I resorted to ordering online which means I won’t see it until around tax day…but I am in…

As I add to the electronic menagerie around our home, it becomes increasingly clear that the electronic graveyard is growing. The iPad2 won’t replace other computer devices (perhaps I am a liar–the Kindle may begin to gather dust–not sure how that’ll play out), but previous upgrades have left me with some devices that are no longer used. I send old cell phones to recycling programs for battered women’s shelters or food programs. Have helped friends contribute computers to the Help Kenya Project, and have written about ways to keep the effective life of an electronic device continuing beyond its usefulness in our homes…but can always look at more resources.

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition focuses the accountability on producers, working to make the manufacturers of computers and similar electronics take responsibility for their eventual disposal. Such standards would, of course, increase sustainability practices, lessen the burden of rare minerals that are ill-gotten in challenged communities, increase appropriate recycling, and lessen the burden on landfills. Advocating for phasing out toxic substances can only be a gift to future generations. The ETBC website has resources to help you shop for greener electronics, recycle the ones you no longer use, and work to hold manufacturers responsible for the life cycle of their products. As their catch phrase goes: “Designed for the Dump is toxic for people and the planet.” Take it Back. Make it Green. Recycle Responsibly.

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