Choose Your Energy: WindMade

Just like the tag in the collar of your shirt, showing you the source of the materials you are wearing…what if products and services were labeled to show you the source of the energy used to bring goods and services to you? Would you be more inclined to buy a product from a factory powered by coal or solar power? Would you care?

I know it could definitely affect my choices. Now, introducing WindMade, a new initiative leading to a global consumer label identifying products and companies sourced from wind energy. The “trust label” helps us make globe-friendly choices, and will hopefully begin to put pressure on industry to green up their operations. If the marketplace speaks and makes it clear that the environmental impact of our lifestyle matters, and we will choose responsibly-produced over those that pillage the planet…change will follow.

The WindMade label shows a commitment to sustainability and care for all of us–and makes me inclined to buy…

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