Abundance Found–Supporting Global Health Systems That Work


This foundation commits itself to serving the health of communities in need by educating local doctors and providers, economically empowering organizations that are already doing the hard work of caring for people, and supplementing and strengthening local health care systems. Making the local community more robust, partnering with organizations and individuals who are already in tune with what is most needed, the Abundance Foundation streamlines support and eliminates duplication, well-intentioned misfires, and reinventing the wheel. It also helps bypass the steps of getting agreement and support from a community, since it is a way of feeding what has been proven to work.

Teaming with august institutions like Partners in Health, the Harvard Medical School, Global Health Delivery Project, and Haiti’s only film school Ciné Institute, Abundance Found has directly served and affected hundreds of thousands of people, millions of people in the communities they have engaged.

Just like when we, each of us on our own smaller scale, make donations to charities (donate here to support this work) or sign up to volunteer and need to be sure we are supporting projects that are initiated by the communities served (as opposed to outsiders imposing their own will, expectations, and no matter how well-intentioned still off-target goals on people who can’t make best use of the help), Abundance Found makes what works, work better.

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