Wealth of South African Projects

It’s a bit lame that this is a blog about why I’ve not been blogging…but so be it.

I’ve been unable to post regularly for the past 2.5 weeks as I’ve been in South Africa traveling to multiple spots, and many of them without consistent Internet access–but I have been overwhelmed with the amazing worlds I’ve been privileged to glimpse. In addition to the amazing beauty and cultural experiences we’ve been having, we’ve also been introduced to several outstanding volunteering and community outreach programs. Programs I wish I could live enough parallel lives to be a part of at every turn. I’ll be trying to bring as many of them as I can to your attention in the coming posts, but like when I was volunteering in Haiti–I don’t want a single destination to be the sole focus of the blog, so I’ll be rolling things out piecemeal.

Suffice to say–the inspiration has at times had me jumping out of my skin–and I hope you’ll feel the same. And my access to projects has been miniscule compared to the brilliance being done by huge hearts throughout this country.

We are headed to the Cape Town airport for the long slog home in a few minutes…and will be back on track as of Valentine’s Day. I hope your weekend is brilliant.


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  2. I had the privileged to meet Andrew on the night prior to his departure from Cape Town and have been extremely impressed by his humility and philosophy of “Because Hope is Just the First Step…”

    South Africa (and indeed Africa) has beautiful stories to tell about the triumph of the human spirit over adversity and I am extremely happy that you could get a glimpse of our world Andrew.


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