Access to the World

There are places in the world we can’t go because of politics or conflict. There are spots we can’t get to because it is too naturally treacherous with altitude or rocky trails or overgrown jungles, etc. Money and time stop us from getting to some of the places we long to see. There are destinations we can’t check off our list because weather or natural disasters conspire against us…but most of the world is available for us to immerse ourselves in new cultures, explore, regain that sense of wonder we sometimes lose.

Access to wonderful travel can be a real issue for many. Those who battle access issues at home—the differently abled, blind, deaf, etc have an even tougher time getting to revel in the outstanding new experiences of travel. Universal Travel System has created a specially designed trip to Croatia for those with visual and hearing impairment as well as the physically challenged. Specially trained tour guides, assistants, and interpreters will help visitors get to six UNESCO Heritage monuments:

·         Porec (Euphrasian Basilica Complex)
·         Sibenik (St. James Cathedral)
·         Plitvice (National Park Plitvice)
·         Trogir (Old city of Trogir)
·         Split (Diocletian Palace Complex) and of course
·         Dubrovnik (Old City of Dubrovnik)
The 14 day tour itinerary also includes Zagreb, Bled, Ljubljana (in Slovenia), Lipica, Postojna Caves, picturesque Rovinj and the charming village of Opatija.
The special treatment starts right out of the gate as travelers are picked up in a limo from their homes, and every possible obstacle is removed and/or managed from that moment on, giving a revelatory travel experience without limits.

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