Healthcare Opponents—Money Where Your Mouth Is?

A friend of mine updated his facebook status of a re-post of a re-Tweeted Tweet…or something like that. Y’know–the way all the pithiest dialogue happens now…

“18% of Americans want Health Care Reform repealed. 12% believe Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife. I’m guessing there’s some crossover.”


Maybe it’s because my zodiac sign just got shifted to this new, unknown Orphiucus thing, about which I know so little, but it is said it is the healer, the doctor sign…so perhaps that explains why I’m so pissed off…

It is, to me, truly fascinating how a majority of members of the House of Representatives (operative word–or, to be more accurate, INoperative word–REPRESENTATIVE) can fly in the face of their job and duty, and flat out vote against their constituents on this issue. All for the sake of the game of politics. Being stewards of our good will and best interest has fallen away from the congressional process. With abject lying about “Job-Killing” (proven false) and socialism–a ridiculous attempted parallel–they have taken health, and care, hostage. It is a sickness whose contagion is passed along both sides of the aisle…

I very much like this response…it is a fax campaign where you log in, find your nearest representative that voted to strip affordable health care, and send the actual form to cancel his/her federal insurance. As this CREDO Action campaign states: “Who would have the audacity to vote for repealing affordable health care for 32 million Americans while gladly accepting generous, federally subsidized insurance for themselves? 237 congressional health care hypocrites!”

Call out this hypocrisy by sending your Representative who voted for repeal the actual form to cancel his/her own federal insurance – we’ll send a fax for you right now!
(If your Rep. voted against repeal, or has opted out of federal benefits, we’ll send your message to Republican leadership.)

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  1. Posted by Lisa Jones on January 21, 2011 at 12:34 PM



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