Harvesting French Wine for Good

Not every vacation needs to be 100% devoted to volunteering…nobody expects each of us to be Gandhi or Mother Teresa, and we do ourselves a disservice if we don’t take time to recharge our batteries and renew and refresh ourselves. Without taking time and care for ourselves, we have so much less to offer others, so a little indulgence can be a great thing. As a culture, we are traditionally granted less time off from our jobs, and as our careers progress, the illogical reverse equation takes over that we are granted more vacation days, but can actually get away and take fewer of them…so the few special days we can reserve for ourselves need to fuel our fire for the rest of the year. There is no shame in sitting by the pool with umbrellas in our drinks or eating and drinking amazing foods and beverages in amazing amounts.

Choosing a place to go or property to patronize, no matter how sybaritic our intended time there, can still be informed by the things we prioritize in our world. Uber-luxurious Paris hotel, Fouquet’s Barriere, is already the City of Light’s greenest, most ecologically responsible five-star hotel, and they have added a new wine element to their already impressive roster of community involvement projects. Harvest Fouquet’s Barriere is a wine-making project run by hotel staff members in partnership with a team from vintners at Marie-Laure Lurton, and all of the proceeds go toward reforesting the Landes forest. The first harvest, in October, yielded enough profit to re-plant 99 acres of forest land. The next harvest is in March, and will include the participation of one of France’s leading sommeliers, Philippe Faure-Brac.

Cheers to that.

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