The 28 Can’t Wait

Around the world, there are about 28 million cancer survivors–a number, like all life statistics, that is in flux…but with our support, we can slow down the fluctuation in this particular demographic. Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG does more than just make those ubiquitous yellow rubber bracelets–they empower the cancer community to meet unmet needs of survivors. It is an organization with priorities generated from the inside out. The survivor perspective is not the same as the doctor/researcher perspective, and LIVESTRONG is focused on improving the todays that survivors have, with specific goals for certain groups of survivors (the needs of a kid with cancer are different from those of a senior citizen). To bring awareness, the newest super-catchy campaign is “The 28 Can’t Wait.”

LIVESTRONG depends on volunteers on many levels. If you are in (or visiting) the Austin, Texas area, the LIVESTRONG offices put volunteers to work keeping the group going, and nationwide, advocates and activists have more than enough to do, plus huge annual events, like runs, walks, rides, and triathlons, are only as successful as the volunteer teams making them possible. Find ways to get involved here, or lend your support here.

The time to conquer cancer is now–the 28 can’t wait.

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