All Lives Have Equal Value: The dZi Foundation

Photo: dZi Foundation

The dZi Foundation has been around for more than a decade, empowering communities to achieve their goals, withing an organic framework initiated within the community (as opposed to outsiders coming in and telling a community what they need). They focus on underserved, remote communities in the Himalayas and build sustainable, locally driven projects that better education and health and reduce poverty. The dZi (zee) Foundation is named after the ancient Himalayan etched stone beads that bestow health and protection upon the wearer.

While leading a trek in Nepal, one of the founders, Kim Reynolds, came upon a safehouse for girls that was about to be closed down, so upon her return, she partnered with Jim Nowak and formed the foundation, to save the girls’ home. That led to more worthy (and always challenging) projects, and today, dZi serves 18,000 individuals in poor, remote Himalayan communities in India and Nepal. Their “Revitalize a Village” (RAV) programs build communities with infrastructure (clean water wells, sanitation systems, schools, bridges, etc), teach various skills within the community for sustaining the programs (non-profit founding, management, accounting, project development/evaluation, etc), and plant the seeds of growth so livelihoods can solidify and flourish. They also provide education sponsorships for youth to pursue higher learning, and still have strong commitments to safe havens for girls.

As your year ends, and you are looking for those donations to round out 2010, think about supporting dZi, and ten mark it on your calendar to do so again in 2011, after you’ve learned LOTS more at their website.

dzi beads

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