One More Generation, Keeping the World’s Species Around

One More Generation (OMG) is a non-profit that was founded by 9-year-old Carter and his 7-year-old sister, Olivia. Finding out that there are over 1,000 animal species on the endangered species list was as alarming to them as it is to all the rest of us…but the difference is these two decided they had to do something about it. They have dedicated themselves to keeping endangered animals around for, at least, one more generation. In addition to advocacy by these junior activists, there are petitions and alerts for us to take action, and there is always lots of news on their website. This is where, as an example, I learned about yesterday’s historic vote in the Senate to pass the Shark Conservation Act and outlaw shark finning in US waters.

Olivia & Carter,

In addition to supporting their important and inspiring work, I think it is a huge priority to support their passion and gumption. How many of us have launched new charitable organizations to take on issues that matter to us? And done it in between soccer practice and homework?

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  1. You guys rock! Keep up the good work!


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