Global Action Programs for Teens

Photo: ARCC

As the family gathers for holiday season and much deserved time off (I hope you get some–you’ve earned it), it doesn’t take long for teenagers to move from the celebration of being out of school, to “I’m bored…”

There are new teen hands-on travel action experiences launched by Adventures Cross-Country, giving students in 9th to 12th grades opportunities to travel to places like the Galapagos Islands and Tanzania to participate in a series of studies on interactions between humans and ecosystems, public health, sustainable development, and cultural preservation in the age of globalization. The kids volunteer with community and environmental programs, work with science teams, and have life-altering experiences like working at an elephant and giraffe orphanage, helping lion protection efforts, discovering land use needs and controversies with Maasai warriors, participate in shark research, create video programming, and more.

They are amazing opportunities to gain a global perspective…and they make me wish I was 15 again.

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