Kids Are Heroes–and Each One Makes a Difference

Casey Landahl on Kids Are Heroes Day 2010

Kids Are Heroes is a site designed to inspire kids into acts of kindness and giving. Kids (and the rest of us) go to the website and explore, taking a chance to “Meet the Heroes” and find out what kinds of other projects young people are doing to make the world a better place. Kids are nominated for special recognition by teachers, parents, and their peers, and they are taking on some huge and inspiring projects, from volunteering at events for the Special Olympics, to creating their own outreach to young people with epilepsy, to animal rescue, reading mentoring, charity drives to support the local police station or provide school supplies for kids who are less fortunate, and more. There is a need for volunteers, especially if you are a webmaster, graphic artist, photographer or videographer, to help record and preserve the amazing work done by these inspiring souls.

Get involved, get your kids involved, nominate a kid who is already rocking the world, and make sure every young person knows the true value and honor of reaching out to others.

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