Thanks and Giving

On this day dedicated to gratitude, I hope to hone my skills at dedicating EVERY day to gratitude.

I am particularly…

THANKFUL FOR FAMILY—Whether it is the one we were born into, the one we have gathered to us, or a beautiful blend of all of it, I hope you have time to spend laughing, connecting, and enjoying the company of others.

THANKFUL FOR INSPIRATION—Finding it in likely and unlikely places, and always intending to pass the flame along.

THANKFUL FOR ABUNDANCE—When we have seen firsthand the broader world where hunger and malnourishment are rampant, I hope you enjoy a day of plenty, and appreciation for it.

THANKFUL FOR EXTENDING OUR REACH—During the holiday season, the giving instinct flourishes, and we have a greater inclination to reach out and help others, through donating time or money to causes about which we care.

THANKFUL FOR A WIDER WORLD—And our greater awareness of our global community. I hope you are neither defeated nor depressed by the inequities faced by people around the world, some in places you may have visited, some in places you may never want to go, but I hope all of them energize you to find a way to get involved.

THANKFUL FOR AN ENVIRONMENT THAT REPLENSISHES—In spite of society’s repeated blows and damage done, the earth has a remarkable, if increasingly challenged, ability to heal itself. I hope we learn greater ways to task the planet with less and less need for repair.

THANKFUL FOR YOU, and wishing you the best this holiday.


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