Be the Shift, Shift the World

The oft repeated Gandhi quote about being the change you wish to see in the world is one of the most direct manifestos by which we can live—or at least aspire to. United Global Shift is working across a full spectrum of issues: Education, Peace & Non violence, Health, Energy & Environment, and Reduction of Poverty/Social Entrepreneurship.

You can join in with the poignant conversations going on with UGS in any number of avenues, or apply some of these universal truths to the projects you’re already working on to improve the world. Be the Shift.

They work within the context of five strategies to change the world:

Strategy #1
Shift current philanthropic practices from charity to universal partnership and reciprocity.
Strategy #2
Sports, entertainment and fashion will shift the human paradigm from fear, survival and scarcity to partnership, prosperity and peace. Proactively supporting the new type of leader, a new ICON who works out of wisdom, compassion and empathy as different from simply doing good.
Strategy #3
Manifesting the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) culture in the business world.
Strategy #4
Creating conversations in the media, in writing and image, which forward the paradigm shift.
Strategy #5
System shift from well-being for a few to promoting well-being for all worldwide (physical, psychological, spiritual).

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