Save the Rain

It’s a gray, rainy, drippy day here in the Northeast. The sound of water hitting the leaves is everywhere around me. How blessed am I that each drop that falls on the lawn already losing its green hue from summer is not a drop I need to survive?

Save the Rain is a charity dedicated to teaching water-starved communities around the world how to build rainwater catchment systems that will provide sustainable and safe drinking water–a luxury not known by billions of people right now. When the water issue is handled in a life, so much more falls into place. Nutritious food, even if scarce, serves the body better. Education is increased and learning capacity grows. Disease rates fall dramatically. Just the hours spent by women and children each day to walk, often miles, to a muddy, perhaps contaminated, dirty watering hole for filthy water we’d shudder to use to water our houseplants, are hours that can be reclaimed for education and work and making the family healthier and happier. When water is available, so much more opens up. Can you support making sure everyone has enough? The cost is small, and the return is unfathomable.

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