Millennium Development Goals thus far…

This mostly good news is from the Gates Foundation

  • MDG Report Card and Development Progress Stories

    In 2000, every member of the United Nations adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – eight time-bound, measurable goals across a range of health and development outcomes.

    As the world recognizes the ten-year anniversary of the MDGs, Overseas Development Institute (ODI) has published two reports that analyze progress against these goals, and highlight advances in development efforts.

    The first, MDG Report Card: Measuring Progress Across Countries, provides a country-by-country analysis of progress toward meeting the MDGs, and flags inequities and uneven progress.

    The second, Development Progress Stories, is a series of case studies that highlight progress in different countries, as well as key lessons about what has worked in development, and why.

    Key Findings:

    The six case studies released today analyze a range of achievements. Highlights include:

    • Bangladesh – Remarkable improvements in health across the board: notably, dramatic reductions in infant and child mortality rates, increased immunization coverage and a rise in life expectancy.
    • Costa Rica – Pioneer in environmental conservation and most notably in the preservation of its forest ecosystems. Ranked third—the highest ranked developing country—on the 2010 Environmental Performance Index.
    • El Salvador – Remarkable progress in achieving relative peace and security, as well as improving the effectiveness of government, since the end of the end of a 12-year civil war.
    • Ethiopia – Tackling demand and supply constraints to schooling: access to education has improved significantly. Primary enrolment has risen to 15.5 million, an increase of over 500%.
    • Ghana – Sustained progress in agricultural productivity and poverty reduction. Ghana is ranked among the top five performers in the world in agricultural growth and is largely self-sufficient in staple foods. It will achieve MDG 1 before 2015. (Read more about Ghana’s success.)
    • Vietnam – Impressive growth with poverty reduction: 20 years ago Vietnam was amongst the poorest countries in the world and is now set to join the ranks of middle-income countries by 2011.

    Download the full report:

    MDG Report Card: Measuring Progress Across Countries
    (PDF, 18.3MB, 118 pages)

    The report and case studies are also available on ODI’s Development Progress Stories website at

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