Sometimes travel planning is best left to the professionals who can make every decision for you, and you just show up and have a great time. Sometimes….often, if you’re like me…you want more of a say in the ebb and flow of planning and don’t want to stick to the cookie cutter tour group itinerary. These two guys, Morgan Parker and Simon Lock, have figured out a way to have a trip of a lifetime and shine the light of awareness on a bunch of charities while they are at it. Win–win.

Wheel2Wheel is a non-profit organization that will facilitate their trip in early 2011, on motorcycles, through Australasia, while bringing awareness and donating funds to grassroots charities that they visit. 100 days, 10 countries, activating broadcast media along the way as they blog and vlog and let the world know about the good work of small charities in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Lombok, East Timoor, and Australia. Tackling issues, cultural immersion, hitting the road with a buddy. Seems tailor-made for incredible experiences. How creative will you be planning your next vacation, and how will you work in doing some good while you’re at it (while not sacrificing having a fantastic trip)?

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