Jason Mraz in Ghana with Free the Slaves

Damn, I love Jason Mraz. If I was doing an employee review, he would get “Exceeds Expectation” on every front. His music is brilliant, and his humanitarianism and philanthropy are huge. Here is a short video about his time in Ghana with Free the Slaves, learning, as we all must, that slavery is a very real, very contemporary issue that must be addressed today. It is easy to convince ourselves that the plight of slaves is a yesterday matter, but being in Haiti where there are currently thousands of child slaves, seeing Jason’s film from Ghana and the child slaves there, and knowing the many other nations where slavery exists right now, I hope you’ll join me in looking for ways to be a vocal activist and end slavery in our lifetime.

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  1. Jason Mraz – Life’s Great Work…

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  2. Awesome info — thanks for the post!


  3. Totaly agree, great post!


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