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Hamlin Patients/Salaam Garage

I really love this concept: Salaam Garage is a digital storytelling network based on citizen journalism (that means you and me, professional or not, all dedicated to telling authentic stories) with the goal of bringing positive change to the world. They partner with non-profits and NGOs around the world to bring visiting writers, photographers, and videographers of all levels of experience, to increase awareness and create positive change in the communities visited as well as the home communities of the participants. I am eyeballing their trip to Ethiopia in November where they partner with an organization, the Hamlin Fistula Relief Aid Fund,  in Addis Ababa dedicated to helping women with obstetric fistula. Your job on a trip like this is to go, absorb, observe, and talk to locals, getting their personal stories, then finding a way through your own creativity to bring those stories to light. Complete immersion, an authentic relationship to community…all the things I prize most about travel. It’s a gorgeous concept, and open to all who are dedicated to communication and inspiring others, no matter your experience level.

They also have upcoming trips to India and Italy, and are currently running a program in Guatemala with Agros International, trying to help break the cycle of poverty in Central America.

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