Pass On the Good With Heifer

Tanzania Donkeys-Heifer International/Darcy Kiefel

Are you familiar with Heifer International? They are the phenomenal organization with which you “buy” an animal or flock/herd of animals that is given to a family or community in need. You can give anything from a water buffalo to a baby chick. Different animals are available in different regions where they can thrive and the recipient family can thrive. Raising bees or cattle doesn’t automatically work everywhere, so Heifer makes sure the families are set up for success…and from nowhere, because of you, they suddenly have wool or eggs or milk and fertilizer and…a brand new level of viability.

NOW, we can travel with Heifer International on “Study Tours.” Currently focused on African communities, you go to a project site and learn from the local experts on the ground how the Heifer Project works in action. Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Senegal all have study tour possibilities. A capper of this deep immersion experience is the “Passing on the Gift” ceremony where past recipients of animal gifts, whose animals have given birth to babies, then pass on the gift of livestock to another family in the community. It is watching your work spread in a very real way.

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