Aid to Artisans

Sometimes the greatest thing we can do to support a community is to support the economic livelihoods of those in the community struggling to get by. Buying from local markets for food when we travel, and especially simple–buying from local artisans when we want to bring home a souvenir and gifts from our travels–makes a real difference in the lives of the craftspeople.

Aid to Artisans not only creates economic opportunities for artists in communities around the world, bringing art and craft traditions to an international audience, it also helps keep traditional crafts and techniques alive. If there were no market for wood carving in a tiny village, why would anyone continue to carve, even if it was a skill handed down through generations from elders? Helping turn handmade work into viable business not only employs individuals and stabilizes local economies, it makes art and creativity a realistic option as a profession for younger generations. Business training, market access to international stores and online shopping portals, and product development are all part of the profile of the charitable organization.

The organization is looking for your support as a volunteer or supporter in other ways–local artisans keeping expression alive. That is a huge contribution. Promise me you’ll never again buy a souvenir that has a label on the bottom that says “Made in China”…..unless, of course, you’re in China…

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