Everyone a Changemaker

There’s something about a holiday weekend in the summertime–I can barely find the energy to sip a glass of lemonade, and while I’m blessed to have family visiting, my brain is not feeling exactly on point. Coming up with inspirational projects to solve the world’s crises can take a lot of emotional and mental work (and physical too, depending on how you choose to engage), so sometimes, the most effective way to tackle service projects is by building a coalition.

Changemakers is a community that calls out for collaborators to join together to address the world’s inequities. Whatever your passion or desire to make a difference, you’ll find avenues on their website to move forward. There are inspirational stories, groups banded around issues, actions to take, and mentors to help guide you. Is it violence that concerns you most? Literacy? Animal Rights? Arts & Culture? At-risk Youth? Habitat Protection? Mental Health? Homelessness? Micro Finance? Child Labor, exploitation, and Slavery? War and Refugees? Climate Change? Nutrition? Cultural Preservation? The list goes on and on. As of today, there are 547 advocacy groups united behind 128 issues. So if you, like me, are feeling hard pressed to do a lot of individual motivational thinking this weekend, take advantage of the communities already doing the hard work.

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