Global Basecamps

So booking your vacation, whether for a volunteer project or pure pleasure, comes with all sorts of baggage even before it’s time to pack: price, timing, politics (ugh-Thailand!), weather and seasonality, food options, tours and guides, etc. When choosing a hotel, eco-consciousness and green ethos are important factors to weigh in. Global Basecamps is a new website to help you find sustainable hotels, lodges, and and private tours around the world.

Safari Lodge
“Although sustainable travel has received a considerable amount of press recently,” says Global Basecamps President Gregor Gomory, “the reality is that it can still be very difficult for travelers who don’t want to join a group tour to find eco-sensitive lodging and tour options for their upcoming adventures. The launch of our new site brings us one step closer to truly simplifying the act of researching and booking sustainable options for every destination and budget.”

In addition to bringing destination suggestions and product options online, Global Basecamps also has a dedicated team of international travel specialists ready to assist with the creation of even the most complicated itineraries worldwide.

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