Mother’s Day Inspiration


To my mom and every mom out there, and to the nurturing spirit in each and every one of us.

If you’re considering a volunteer vacation, on this day I offer up ideas of a few opportunities out there where you can make a difference in the life of moms. (From Frommer’s 500 Places Where You Can Make a Difference)

A program to work with single, homeless mothers in Cochabamba, Bolivia—you’ll help with day care and nursery work for the kids, homework for the older ones, and skills education for the moms who are looking for work. Live with a local family to be completely immersed in the local culture for this 2-week project. Volunteering Solutions

In Xela, Guatemala, there is a home for battered women and their children that treasures the input of international volunteers. Be of service to moms and kids as they try to get life moving forward again. The shelter is managed by women for women, though all volunteers are welcome. You’ll live with a host family for a one- or two-week program. United Planet

There are several Women’s Empowerment volunteer programs in Delhi, India. Societal norms and devotion to caste systems make for systemic oppression in many Indian households, but this program offers practical training through several avenues such as literacy training, job skills, and computer training, among others. 1 or 2 weeks in shared volunteer accommodations. Or, alternatively, there is a Teenage Mother’s Home in Cusco, Peru, that places volunteers through the same organization for 2-week stints (males and females welcome, and a Spanish Language immersion program is available as part of the placement) Volunteering Solutions

Here is a project working with a Women’s Business Collective in Xilochico, Mexico. 10 days in the high country building business skills and actually building the local casita workhouse for the women’s project, while living in a hotel run by local Nahua women. Global Citizens Network

How about a journey to Kathmandu, Nepal, where you’ll work to create a healing environment for abused girls and women? Women only on this 2-week gig, living on-site in the all-female facility. United Planet

There are numerous Women’s Empowerment programs all over the world, hungry for volunteers. This is just the most meager appetizer to get your brain working in that direction.

Nurturing is an amazing thing. Being devoted to others is neither exclusively maternal nor paternal—it is human. And we are a global family. Be there.

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  1. I was lucky enough to participate in the Global Citizens Network trip to Xiloxochico last winter. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it.


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