Betty White, Funny and more

OK–who watched Saturday Night Live last night? Hang on, I can’t count that high…maybe it’s easier to ask who didn’t? The cultural phenomenon that swept last night’s host, Betty White, onto the stages for SNL was nothing short of precedent setting. A facebook campaign with thousands upon thousands of fans simply implored Lorne Michaels and the producers of SNL to have 88 1/2-year-old White be the host of an episode. It was that or Alec Baldwin again (I joke because I love–Alec is host next week, for the season finale). It truly was a fun episode, and white, while struggling occasionally with some timing and reading cue cards, was a hoot.

For that long, not dry but quite so fertile, section of Betty’s career between Golden Girls and her recent resurgence as cultural icon, it was likely you saw Ms. White on a commercial here and there about animal rights and care. She has long been an animal advocate, and the charity with whom she has most closely aligned herself is the Morris Animal Foundation. MAF is the world’s largest charitable organization dedicated to funding research studies to protect, cure, and treat animal health issues. They are dedicated to helping domestic animals, the pets of our families, live longer and fuller lives. In addition to companion animals, their work on every continent of the world has helped other wildlife including mountain gorillas, elephants, rhinoceros, wolves, sea otters, and many varieties of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.

For the furry friend in your family or your past, or in honor of Betty, or just because it makes our world better, think about supporting MAF. Ways to help can be found here.

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  1. Posted by Elizabeth Graziane on September 14, 2018 at 10:52 AM

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    Yesterday, September 13, 2018, the Washington Post reported a story of how the people in Venezuela are struggling economically because of the financial crisis and huge inflation. The story went on to report how one family makes only $10 per month and can barely feed themselves, let along their six year old dog. The family went from feeding their dog twice a day, to once a day, then to table scraps (which was not much). The dog soon showed signs of being lethargic. The owners felt it best to give their beloved dog to a shelter. But the shelters down there are over-run because a lot of people are faced with a similar situation.

    No doubt, if someone or entity could step up and give these people a little help, they could keep their beloved pets in their home where they belong. It is better for the people and the animals. Please consider donating food and supplies so that many families can keep their beloved pets until they can get through this crisis. Indeed, perhaps the family mentioned in the Washington Post story could retrieve their beloved dog.

    Please consider helping.


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