Party for the Planet

Starting today, April 17, through Sunday April 25, in celebration of Earth Week (the fortieth anniversary of EARTH DAY is April 22), over 130 of the best zoos and aquariums across North America are throwing a big ol’ Party for the Planet.

While I have always had a somewhat conflicted view of zoos, some of them from my childhood being very sad with animals pacing in cement box cages or the gorilla that was in the bright blue wrought iron cage in a shopping center parking lot zoo—so many zoo habitats are now stunning and natural environments where animals thrive. Aquariums also have magnificent habitats in so many places, and spare no expense to provide the very best in care. The conservation work and study that goes on behind-the-scenes at zoos and aquariums is also responsible for much of our modern understanding of many species…so I fall down on the side of they are a good thing. When I look exclusively at the relationship and wonder they inspire in kids…the passion and desire to be a zookeeper or veterinarian just because a lion looked you in the eye and you felt a spark…I know a new animal advocate and steward of the planet has been born each time. THAT is huge, and so worth every penny put into getting it right for the animals.

So this week, go to the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) website to find Party for the Planet events near you, and get out there and growl and howl a little for Earth Day, and all of us that are resident here.

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