Autism Awareness

Yesterday, April 1, was U.N. International Autism Awareness Day and today, April 2, is the international celebration of Autism Awareness. April is Autism Awareness Month and an opportunity to commit to understanding more about all the people around us. Here is a list of activities and actions, from the Autism Society, that you can take on behalf of this cause throughout April, and year ’round.

Autism Speaks is an advocacy charity raising awareness and working for change. Last night, the Empire State Building and other iconic North American landmarks were bathed in blue light for autism awareness. Light it Up Blue is putting visual reminders everywhere, giving us all something to talk about. Here are several ways to get involved with Autism Speaks.

Understand. Act. And help others to understand. It reminds me of one of my very favorite quotes in the world, always on my computer’s desktop:

Seek first to understand

Then to be understood

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