The Lunchbox Fund

The Lunchbox Fund is a charity founded in 2004 to aid school children in Soweto, South Africa. The students of economically impoverished Meadowlands School and, now, three additional schools, are directly impacted by the Fund. The cause is simple–feed the hungry. Even simpler is the methodology–provide a free nutritious lunch at school. For far too many it may be their only healthy meal of the day, and it adds a great incentive for attendance. Keeping kids in schools and keeping minds and bodies fed. Answers to some of the world’s largest problems needn’t be complex.

The Fund also does a celebrity-driven annual fundraiser, where stars decorate lunchboxes that are then put up for auction. From Bono to Bill Gates to Bill Clinton to Beyonce to Chef Mario Batali to Bowie (and a whole bunch of folks who don’t alliterate with the B’s), everybody does a box, and the money makes an entire generation grow.

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