The Loomba Trust

The Shrimati Pushpa Wati Loomba Memorial Trust (The Loomba Trust), was named for a woman who in 1954 became a widow in Punjab, India. Left to support her family on her own, without any formal education herself, she beat every odd and the societal norms and succeeded in education all of her seven children.

The Loomba Trust, and the American offshoot, The Loomba Foundation, USA, are committed to caring for widows and their children around the world.In so many societies and cultures, when women lose their husbands, they lose all standing in the community—they lose their place in society, and in some ways, lose their life. They are marginalized and discriminated against, turned out, often by their own families, and their children become nothing more than collateral damage. The Loomba organizations make sure these women and their children don’t fall through the cracks…and you can help. Reach out today.

The Loomba Trust & Foundation presently educates over 3,600 children of poor widows in all the 29 states of India. It also supports 1,500 HIV orphans in South Africa in partnership with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite. The Loomba Trust & Foundation Entrepreneurship programs, started in 2007 in Kenya, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, help widows establish businesses and become economically self-sustaining. These programs are in collaboration with Youth Business International, which is HRH The Prince of Wales’ charity in the UK. More recently the Trust has been working in Rwanda to address the needs of widows surviving the 1994 genocide.

In conjunction with various governments, The Loomba Trust & Foundation are seeking to have the United Nations recognize International Widows Day to draw global attention to the plight of the estimated 100 million destitute widows around the world. International Widows Day was launched in the UK at the House of Lords in 2005.

The organization helps poor widows and educates their children, regardless of gender or religion.

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