Otter Pop (Pup)

Kit the Otter Pup

One of the greatest aquariums in the world is Central California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium, full of state-of-the-art exhibits and habitats that open your eyes to the world under and above the waves. If you haven’t been, next time you’re in the Monterey Bay area, you MUST get yourself there.

“Kit” a recently rescued sea otter pup, has debuted in the world-class display with other otters (only 11 weeks old, Kit is the youngest otter in the two-level exhibit). It is one of the first times the public can see a young pup up close. (If you can’t get there soon, while Kit is a wee otter, watch her and her pals on the Otter Cam.

You can also think about putting in some time at the Aquarium–over 900 people (18 and older) volunteer each year, doing gigs from Aquarium Guide and Information Desk staff to Animal Husbandry and even Exhibit Diving. Openings and needs for volunteers change all the time–see the latest opportunities here, and when you report for duty, toss Kit a sardine, from me.

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